Rock V3.0 3D printer

The print surface levelling is adjusted mechanically with 3x grub-screws and secured with wing nuts. Once levelled the print surface is ready for many prints before check and possible fine trim.

Bowden Filament Drives

Many 3D printer makers simplify the 3D printer build by adding the filament drive stepper motors to the moving axles/print head (direct filament drive). Due to the added motor weight (up to 700g) the printing process must be slow, If the printing speeds are set too fast, the inertia of acceleration and stopping causes printing errors (skipping or adding steps of the stepper motors).

E3D Extruders

The V6.0 extruders are equipped with glass bead NTC -100K temperature sensors.

The V6.1 extruders are equipped with NTC -100K temperature sensors housed in a 3x20mm shell.


E3D Upgrade KIT

Telion supplies an upgrade kit for the V6.0 E3D extruder hot-end that features the loose NTC 100K glass bead sensors.

The new hot end features a through-hole for the 3x20mm temperature sensor and a grub-screw lock.

What is 3D printing?

Market researchers have previously predicted the exponential growth of the 3D printing industry, and have been proven correct.

This is why several groups of international researchers continue to conduct detailed and data-driven analysis of all emerging and existing 3D printing technologies.